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From driver to managing director

My whole heart is in the company Gladiator Logistik Partner GmbH.
I can put myself in the shoes of our deliverers very well, because I have also taken my first steps in this branch as a deliverer.

Start my professional career as a parcel delivery company with the following companies: DHL, DPD, Austrian Post AG & UPS. In 2015 I worked as a delivery agent for Foodora and saw great opportunities in this area.

In 2016 I dared to take the step of self-employment and employed my first four drivers. Through hard work, I was able to expand the staff pool to 40 employees. In the Beginn of 2019 they grew from 50 to 200, which by 2020 has multiplied to a proud 350 drivers.

Due to my experience in parcel delivery, I wanted to go further here too, and that’s how the cooperation with Amazon came about in 2020. From the beginning of 10 drivers, we have increased to 55 drivers within a year, have set up our own fleet, and are ready to expand even further.

Parham Jabari
Managing Director

Gladiator Logistik Partner GmbH
Gladiator Logistik Partner GmbH

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We want to strengthen our name, be an integral part of Amazon and Foodora, and continue to grow and expand.
Gladiator should become a brand, not just a name.

Fast. Strong. Secure.

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